MicroExplorer™ Series 50-500x Digital Microscope Kit

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Do you have a scientist in the house? 


Take your scientific smarts to the next level with the MicroExplorer Series 50-500x Digital Microscope Kit. This microscope is plug and play and can magnify objects from 50 to 500x their size! Taking snapshots and video are a breeze! 

The MicroExplorer Kit is perfect for:

  • Backyard exploring
  • Investigating plant life, leaves, flowers, flower pollen, mold, and flora
  • Looking at insects, spider webs, snowflakes, vacuum lint (super interesting!)
  • Viewing nano bugs that are difficult to see with the naked eye
  • Animal life including feathers, fur, claws, paws, reptile skin
  • Examining rocks, crystals, sand, velcro, fabrics, coins, and other materials
  • Viewing skin, nails, hair, and even eyes
  • Watching experiments close up including liquid diffusion, crystal formation, saliva, pond water, and much more!


The MicroExplorer Kit is easy to use and is perfect for ages 5 (assisted by parents) to 15. Open up a whole new "micro" world at home, in the backyard, or as you travel.

The Micro Explorer easily attaches to:

  • PCs (Windows Vista, XP, 7, 8, and 10)
  • Mac OS
  • Android Phones
  • IPhones
  • Tablets

If you're looking to open up a whole new world to a young scientist, there is no better gift than this. They can easily take photos and videos, share them with their friends. It's portable and attaches to cell phones, computers, tablets, for fun at home or on the go. 

Built-8 White LED Lights, adjustable illumination makes the magnified images clear and bright. This allows you to see even the smallest of details.
Professional, adjustable height Stand with Flexible Arm Observation Stand Continuous zoom is very convenient one-hand operation.

Package contents include: 

1 X 500X Electronic Microscope  
1 X Base Accessory  
1 X Base
1 X Bracket
1 X Screw
1 X Screw Nut
1 X CD