Portable Outdoor Survival Kit / SOS Box

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Multifunction blade is micro-honed for precision slicing and cutting.The blade is designed to fit field survival.

Cut saw is lightweight, strong, versatile. It can allow you to cut from a variety of angles and in situations with little clearance.

This is definitely a tin everyone should have every time they leave the house! Comes with everything essential for you to make it out in the wild!

  1. The fire starter can help make starting a fire easier, in any weather and at any altitude. A favorite of survival experts, hunters, fishermen and campers all around the world.
  2. Survival whistle is an essential safety item for every camping, hiking or bike trip.
  3. Small compass is a great tool for hunting, fishing and other outdoor adventures, it can help you keep your bearings.
  4. A small handsaw for cutting down wood to keep a fire going.
  5. Led flashlight for illumination in those dark woods!
  6. A Multi function blade, handy in any situation.

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